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About us

About Express-Editing

Our esteemed professional Express-Editing personnel do guarantee you exceptional expert editing, proofreading, translation and interpretation services, at a matchless level of rapidity, security and accuracy. These services are rendered by highly competent and professional linguists, trained and highly proficient with years of dedication and experience in the science of the world’s most influential modern languages including English, French and German.

We are already prominent in editing and proofreading academic materials beyond Arts, Education, Commercial and Management studies, Marketing, Economics, Religion, Humanities, Environmental Sciences, Law Medical Sciences and Fiction. We are relentlessly committed to producing outstanding quality and the best standard of work for you at all times hence, we edit to improve meanings, enhance clarity and improve the presentation of your work, with every degree of accuracy and proficiency, at the most cost effective prices, with promptness.

At Express-Editing we translate and interpret in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Arabic and Kurdish. We translate various documents and texts and interpret regularly and effectively at social, legal and medical institutions. We also work with individuals with limited knowledge of the target language.

Express-Editing offers language courses to those who wish to learn the languages represented by our agency, at beginner, intermediate or advanced stages.

We demonstrate professional competence and extensive mastery of the subject matter while being conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving outstanding results.  Most importantly, we are committed to maintaining confidentiality in line with Data Protection Act.