Interpretation Services

Express-Editing is committed to the minimization of communication difficulties so we interpret from:

  • English-German
  • German-English
  • German-French
  • French-German
  • German-Polish
  • Polish-German
  • German-Spanish
  • Spanish-German
  • German-Arabic
  • Arabic-German
  • Kurdish-German
  • Pidgin  English – German
  • German-Pidgin English

We interpret in various contexts such as legal interviews, medical examinations and social discussions.

Highly Trained Interpreters

We are very fluent in each of the languages which we represent. Our interpreters are highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals from varied background. They are renowned for their keen listening and decent interpersonal skills, with the exceptional ability to interpret and communicate accurately and respond appropriately to clients.

Our interpreters will ensure that the tone, style and format correspond with that of the target audience.  During interpretation we endeavour to predict the argument direction in the source language in order to translate into the target language precisely. We will accompany our clients to their legal, medical and social appointments.

We also offer 24:00 hours phone based interpretation services on demand. Our interpreters are always ready to assist you irrespective of your location.