Translation Services

Our translators are highly skilled native speakers of English, Pidgin English, French, Polish, Arabic, German and Kurdish. They hold university degrees and years of experience in various disciplines including Modern Languages, Linguistics, Economics, Politics, Arts, Media, and Science, Math and IT. We translate varieties of documents including e-mails letters, newspaper, magazine, articles, manuals, brochures, academic texts, notices, receipts, warranties, questionnaires, pamphlets, leaflets and books, at affordable prices.

Document Translations

To entrust your documents or books to Express-Editing is to guarantee a reliable, excellent and brilliant translated version of your work at an exceptional standards. This is because we pride on a track-record of paying attention to details. We are dedicated to excellent reading, comprehensive understanding, outstanding presentation, accuracy, consistency, diligence to the tasks, style and nuances of the original text. We ensure that the text in the source language (SL) when translated into the target language (TL), will be in harmony with the stylistic preferences of the target language.

Quality human translations

Particular attention will be paid to unnecessary explanations in the target text (TT) or translated text, in order for the TT to be indistinguishable from the source text (ST). Express-Editing undertakes brilliant quality translations because we often have a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter. We further, maintain an adequate speed and volume of output, while bearing in mind, the significance of the context of your text and deadline implications.

The post- translated work would be thoroughly proofread and edited before return or delivery to the client, free of charge. This will be to ensure that it is free of any grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors.